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Brand Design & Mobile Application Concept


This project initially began when my partner, Ellie, started a small baking company. I worked with her to build a cohesive look and feel for what eventually became CAKE.

Alongside establishing a brand, I designed a conceptual mobile application that could aid in real pain points the customers and company experience.

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Wordmark & Color

Using a typeface that bridges modernity with nostalgia, the goal of the wordmark was to serve as an analogue to CAKE's products, which combine contemporary and classic flavors.

A minimal color palette was chosen to be characteristic of textbook sweet treats, i.e., vanilla bean ice cream and dreamsicle.


Evoking nostalgia for past celebrations, the images used throughout the project serve as a playful reminder to enjoy the baked goods and reason why customers purchase from CAKE.

Cake PosterCake PosterCake Poster

product Photography

In contrast to the imagery, the product photography focuses on the details, color, and care given to each item by using a bright and clean look.


Mobile Application & User Flows

The primary goals of the application design were to give customers an avenue to view the current menu, create the ability to schedule a pickup time for an order, and allow controlled access to modify each product while staying within the bounds of CAKE's capability.


Varying modifiers are available for each item. Customers also have the ability to relay special instructions pertaining to specific products, e.g., food allergies, intolerances.


Customers can establish an account with CAKE, allowing them to view orders, change default payment methods, and adjust communication settings.

Schedule & Pay

During the checkout process, customers can choose to pick-up the items as soon as possible, or schedule the order for a later date or time.

Wrap Up

This project was created using Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and an aging MacBook Pro. Since it's completion, CAKE has become a solely wholesale focused business no longer selling direct-to-consumer, leaving out the need to develop this application design into a shipped consumer product. ◆

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